glen-34Glenn has been a part of every aspect in the entertainment industry. His producing efforts include being a co-owner of First Beacon Entertainment Inc. and their VP of Creative producing Film, TV, Animation and Music promoting Canadian talent throughout the world. Glenn has produced three TV shows with Rogers Communications, including Daytime, Results 360 and Developing for Dollars each running for a minimum of 2 seasons. Glenn has also written a 3D animated feature called “Elephunky” as well as the songs for the soundtrack with co-producer Pravin Mani (AR Rahman) which is in development. His latest project with FBE is currently in pre-production which is the country musical feature film “Country Crush” co-produced by Good Soldier Films/Defiant Empire with music co-written by Glenn set to start shooting in summer of 2015 in Canada.

Glenn was one quarter of the successful vocal music group “V.I.P.” or Voices In Public, that has performed all over the world to audiences of thousands. They have won a 1999 Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Group and a 2000 Genie Award for Best Original Song. Glenn co-wrote V.I.P.’s biggest song “Just My Luck” which ended up in the Record’s top 25 year end CHR chart in Canada and also penned “One Thing To Say” which took home a Genie Award (the Canadian Oscar). He has had numerous cuts on projects across Canada totaling sales in excess of 250,000 units. Glenn was the general partner of V.I.P.’s record label VM/Popular/EMI and for “After Tuesday”, his country vocal group’s label ATP/Royalty Records. “After Tuesday” released their debut country CD in 2006 that charted nationally at country radio. As for Glenn’s solo music career he is in production with his pop project mixing the influences of Maroon 5 and Deadmau5 with hit platinum Vancouver producer Dave Pickell scheduled for release in 2015.

Glenn as a music producer, has worked with country vocalist Derek James Tilley glen-45having four co-writing credits on his 2009 debut record. Derek hit #1 on country charts on itunes for his first single “Do You Have To Walk In the Rain” and hit top 10 of all country music on itunes for his full CD. Glenn also has produced edgy singing country sensation Stacey Jamieson and ‘Redneck Diva’ country singer Amy Rose who released her US/Canadian single “Party Like a Redneck”, which Glenn co-wrote, to country radio receiving national airplay, videoplay on CMT and over 415,000 views on YouTube.

glen-1Glenn’s personal TV appearances in Canada include, Mike Bullard, Canada AM, Vicki Gabereau, MuchMusic, YTV Hit List just to name a few. In 2002 he was cast in a leading role in Disney’s The Music Man starring Matthew Broderick and Kristen Chenoweth and in 2005 he was cast in a leading role in the YTV/Disney TV series Monster Warriors co-starring Sean Cullen. In 2006, Glenn lent his vocal talents to the hit animated show “Postcards From Buster”, playing the lead character “Carlos” and has a lead role as the villain “Tigrr-Jaxxon” in the animated series “Bolts and Blip” airing on Teletoon in North America, ABC Australia and in Europe.