COUNTRY CRUSH is a movie-musical that has multi-generational appeal through its themes of love, duty and strong family values that are woven together with a dynamic soundtrack of country and pop music.

City girl and aspiring singer Nancy Taylor travels to the countryside with her family to enjoy the summer. On a night out with her best friend, fate introduces her to Charlie Bishop. Charlie, a good-hearted country boy, is still carving out his own path after taking time from his formative teenage years to care for his ailing mother. Immediately enchanted with Nancy, he struggles to find the courage to ask her out on a date. But, after saying goodbye to his older brother Cody; who is shipping out on another tour of duty and getting much needed advice from his sister-in-law Katherine, Charlie gains the courage to follow Nancy to the big city and pursue the romance. The relationship begins with promise, but the demands of Nancy’s budding career and interference by her opportunistic music producer cause Charlie to question the relationship and to remember the importance of making the hard choices in life if staying true to oneself. While their courtship is in turmoil, the grim reality of his brother in a war zone separated from his wife and son reminds him of the sacrifices one makes for true love and the agony experienced when it is lost.

COUNTRY CRUSH is a classic love story told amongst contemporary elements in a musical genre that depicts the different aspects of love in an emotionally inspiring and sometimes-heartbreaking manner.


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